Duran 5v2aPower Bank Heated Hoodie Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt Hoodie LPXQIAZJI

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Designed for cold weather, the Duran Heated Hoodie, provides heat to your body’s three core areas, where you need it most. Radiant heat technology and a 5V portable power bank deliver consistent heating power – no matter the temperature. You provide your own power bank, and Duran Heat Gear does the rest.The Duran Heated Hoodie, full zipper, hood with contrasting drawstrings, and two hip pockets, is designed with for modern life. Slate grey with a tailored fit, the Duran Heated Hoodie is your ideal companion for workout wear or casual street style.Stay warm while jogging or cycling, no matter the weather. Perfect for outdoor exercise, the Duran Heated Hoodie provides up to 8 hours of radiant heat in cold temperatures.Duran Heat Gears’ radiant heating technology plugs into an internal USB cord and is powered by a 5V power bank. Three carbon-fibre heat zones provide fully adjustable heating comfort, all at the touch of a button.The thermostat switch is easy to use – high, medium, and low are indicated by a colour coded LED, and a warming feature and safety shut off are built right in.The Duran Heated Hoodie is backed by Duran’s one-year warranty. Fully machine washable – just remove the USB power pack and ensure the built in USB cable is secured – with proper care, Duran Heated Hoodie will provide comfortable warmth for years.

With the Duran Heated Hoodie, radiant heat technology and fashion-forward style go hand in hand. The consumer’s own 5V power pack provides hours of warmth in cold temperatures, as well as portable charging power for your mobile devices throughout the year.
The Duran Heated Hoodie combines functional warmth and style. The power bank slides into a snug interior pocket, resting comfortably near your hip, while the power switch is easy to access on the inside of your lapel. Urban styling and superior performance make the Duran Heated Hoodie your go-to for cold weather wear.

Benefits of the 5V power bank

The 5V power bank provides superior power and versatility compared to traditional lithium ion batteries. As most consumers already own a power bank, you use your existing product for the jacket at a significant savings. Lithium ion batteries deteriorate over time, and require frequent recharging. The 5V power bank provides a versatile option, allowing you to power the heating system, and providing charging power for your mobile devices.

About Duran Heat Gear

For nearly twenty years Duralogic (the force behind Duran Heat Gear) has created new uses for electric heating fields – both in industry and widespread consumer use. Innovation, commitment to quality, and practical application are the reasons behind Duralogic’s longstanding success.

Duran 5v2aPower Bank Heated Hoodie Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt Hoodie LPXQIAZJI

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