Duran Stylish Power Bank Heated Hoodie Jacket Use Your Own Power Bank YUYMGQAOW

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HEATED HOODIE keeps you warm and connected for exercise, spectator sports and commutingTAILORED DESIGN fits close to body and eliminates bulk for slenderizing lookFASHION FORWARD ELEMENTS like contrast drawstrings and ribbed cuffs add flairRADIANT HEATING TECHNOLOGY offers three zones of warmth and an easy thermostat for total control5V USB POWER BANK SYSTEM SAME AS YOU charges your iPhone, iPad or Android on the go, so it's a must-have garment for year-round convenience

THE DURAN HEATED HOODIE – LIFESTYLE EDITION IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO STAY WARM — AND CONNECTED — ON THE GO. The stylish, durable knit comes in heathered slate gray and is designed with comfort in mind. Ribbed cuffs and tailored cut hold in heat while contrast drawstrings look sharp and allow you to adjust the hood at will. Classic kangaroo pockets and full zipper complete the look. Perfectly designed hoodie would be enough on its own for a cool day, but radiant heat technology takes this essential from basic to boss.

Portable heat throughout keeps you warm for up to 8 hours of outdoor exercise, cycling, spectator sports and more — all without the bulk of additional coats or winter layers to hide your street style. Three separate carbon-fiber heat zones are fully adjustable at the touch of a button. Easy-to-use thermostat provides total control with color-coded LED; also comes with a built-in safety shut-off feature. Just plug your fully washable hoodie into your own 5V USB power pack and tuck the pack into snug interior pocket to carry your heating system with you.

Best of all, power pack also charges your phone, tablet and other devices. It's never been easier to keep your smartphone charged with this wearable technology. This power pack is designed to be used in all seasons — and the more you use it, the better it performs! No worries about packing your hoodie away only to find a dead battery next year. THIS HEATED SWEATSHIRT IS SO CONVENIENT THAT THIS HOODIE WILL BE THE LAST THING YOU GRAB EVERY TIME YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE, NO MATTER WHAT THE SEASON!

Duran Stylish Power Bank Heated Hoodie Jacket Use Your Own Power Bank YUYMGQAOW

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