Fila Men's Clipper Wind Jacket EFWEBCWJV

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100% NylonNylon - The entire jacket here is made out of a tough, durable nylon that adds all the strength you need for outdoor wear with none of the weight.Embroidered Logo - You know you're dealing with quality when a brand like Fila takes the time to stitch the logo on rather than just printing it.Fully Adjustable - This jacket features a quality full-length zipper, as well as a drawcord for a hood that can be customized to fit well.Rib-Knit Cuffs - These cuffs fit well and comfortable over the wrist, able to hold in place without allowing any of the outside elements in.Stripe Design - This jacket has a box and stripe design on it that is very attractive and gives it a very old-school look.

Clipper Wind Jacket - Fila might be known for their shoes, but no matter what the company produces, they make gear that can hold up to ample wear and tear. Such is the case with their Clipper Wind Jacket. Like a windbreaker, only more durable and stylish, this jacket is made out of nylon, has rib knit cuffs, a drawcord, and is retro inspired.

The classic F-box embroidered logo, along with the stripe and box design of this jacket make it a throwback to the styles of the 1980s and '90s. It's all about quality with this jacket, waterproof and able to stand up to harsh winds.

Opened in 1911 in Biella, Italy, Fila was opened by brothers who were dedicated to using the best materials to create the best products. Today, we celebrate over a century of Fila, and we are well acquainted with the Fila brand and everything they have to offer, from shoes and socks to pants, hats, tops, and so much more.

Fila Men's Clipper Wind Jacket EFWEBCWJV

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